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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 23, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> the great bull run is going to take place in atlanta in october and in houston in december. >> i was in a rush to get out of here after seeing those men chests. i'm sorry. that's it for "around the world." >> it's a pleasure. >> thanks for having me. you're an awesome anchor coach. "cnn newsroom" starts now. teen suspects are in custody after a young man is gunned down in oklahoma. could this be a gang initiation. one man says yes. the president sits down with cnn answering questions about washington and congress and a
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controversial nsa spying program. that's just ahead. i'm suzanne malveaux. as a small oklahoma town comes to grips with this senseless tragedy, one man is offering a possibly motive. it's hard to believe. this is in the shooting death of the australian baseball player. he was gunned down as he was jogging in the town of duncan. three teens have been charged. one suspect said they were bored. now an oklahoma man says that the killing was part of a gang initiatuation. he said his on son was on the list of targets. what is he saying? >> that man is james johnson. he told fairfax media he didn't think christopher lane's killing was random. he believe it was part of a gang
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initiatuation. it was johnson's call to police that ended with the arrest of 15-year-old james edward johnson and michael jones. johnson said the three teens threatened his on son because he refused to join a gang. police have not confirmed that the killing was gang related and cnn has tried to reach johnson repeatedly without success. we're also hearing today from man who says he tried to help lane moments after he was gunned down. here is what richard told the sydney morning herald. take a listen. >> laying face downright there. face down. his face in he has hand. that's when i started putting two and two together. that's when i looked at his shirt and realized he was shot. i said he's been shot. i got the description of that
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car in my head. >> he says he stayed with lane there. he also says that a woman stopped on the road and helped him give lane cpr but it was too late. >> i understand there are memorial services for lane this weekend. >> his friends and family are being viented to a memorial game in chris lane's honor on sunday. there's a donation page set up to raise money for a memorial fund in his name. >> thank you. another story of random violence. this is an 89-year-old world war ii veteran beaten to death in his car. a witness saw two teens running away. >> a war vet. he was shot when he was 18 years old. >> reporter: he survivored enemy attack in world war ii only to be savagely beaten to death at
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home. out rage as friends and family remember the war hero they called shorty. >> he's like my dad is what he was to me. he'll do anything in the world. >> reporter: he have attacked in his car wednesday night. he have waiting for a friend outside this pool hall where he often played. officers say his friend found him badly beaten inside his vehicle and saw two teenagers running away. he died thursday morning. >> it does appear random. he was in the parking lot. there was no indication of any sort of, that he would have known the people prior. >> reporter: investigators have released these photos vealing two teenage suspects between 16 and 19 years old. >> they need to be caught. that's senseless. beating an old man. what kind of person does that on a whim. >> reporter: friends have put up a memorial outside the pool
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hall. >> to shorty. >> reporter: as they hold out hope that the kind old man who gave so much for his country will get justice in the end. >> police have arrested one suspect. they are still looking for that second individual. president obama he's trying to reassure folks that the government is not intentionally reading their e-mails or listening to their phone calls. the president responded to reports that the nsa surveillance program is making police takes and violating americans privacy. he says the revelations prove that the safeguards are working. the administration has been on the defensive since edward snowden leaked about the program. listen to the president an what he told chris about the latest revelations.
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>> you've said it's not the business of the u.s. government to spy on its own people. the more it comes out, the more there's questions raised. are you confident you know everything that's going on and you can say to the american people, it's all done the right way? >> yes. what i've also said is that it can only work if the american people trust what's going on. what's been clear since the disclosures that were made by mr. snowden is that people sdroendon't have enough information and comfort confident enough with all the safeguards in place with the executive branch and federal court oversight and c congressional oversite, people are concerned. >> especially when they hear they are and mistakes are made? >> what was learned was nsa had
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inadvertently pulled the e-mails of some americans in violation of their own rules. they presented those problems to the court. the court said this isn't going to cut it. you're going to have to improve the safeguards of the technical problems. that's what happened. all these safeguards checks, audits of oversight worked. there are legitimate concerns the people have that technology is moving so quick that at some point does the technology out pace the laws that are in place. i'm very confident knowing the nsa and how they operate that purposely somebody is out there trying to abuse this program or listen in.
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>> you're confident? >> i am confident about that. what i recognize is that we're going to be have to continue to improve the safety guards and as technology comes we build technology to give people more assurance an we have to do a better job of giving people confidence in how these programs work. i'm open to working with congress to figure out can we get more transparency in how the oversight court works. do we need a public advocate in there? are there addition flal respoal be taken. the but, do it in way that americans know their proobasic privacies are being protected. we have some hostile folks out there that are trying to do us
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harm. >> i want to bring in candy crow lee. can he have it both ways? recognize that we're making mistakes but trust us any way? >> reporter: there is every time another one of these revelation comes out and heaven only knows where edward snowden's stash of nsa material ends, but it keeps coming. we heard from nancy pelosi seeisee i this is troubling. it feels like a snowball but a very slow moving. this is about the security of the nation. nobody wants to be the person that stops the program. they're kind of stuck in that balance of security versus
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surveillance. what's interesting is when the president talks about maybe we can have an advocate in the courts that give the nsa permission to surveil, maybe we can do this or that, it doesn't get to the core of what some of briggest critics are saying is that program where they collect all phone calls made in the u.s. and put them someplace in case they need them later is too broad. we're now learning maybe 75% of the e-mail are also capable. every time another story appears it gets more and more people on capital hill thinking we need to do something but not about cancelling the programs, about looking at them. >> polls are pretty consistent that the american people have these strong suspicions that the government is going beyond the pail. is there anything more that the president can do beyond
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reassuring us for congress to put in stronger safeguards in place? >> i'm surprised at that poll. we had earlier polls where people were like whatever they need to do to make us secure and young folks who put personal information on the internet all the time don't think it's a huge deal. remember when all this stuff first came out, they talked about how damaging this was to the u.s. intelligence services and now the terrorist know what is we're doing. and here the the president saying we have to make this an open process. that's a very difficult thing to walk when you have revelations coming out every day. >> who do you have this weekend?
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>> reporter: ted cruz is one of my guests along with john louis. some republicans threatening to defund president obama's l t health care reform law. we talk with the president about the gridlock and part of the interview coming up at the bottom of the hour. here is more of what we're work for and working on this hour. cnn has confirmed that wildfire in southern california. it's now burning parts of yosemite national park. a new proposal says we should set up government subsidies. your tax money for those needing help to pay for medical marijuana. is this the face of the new batman. the backlash to ben affleck putting on the dark knight's cape. run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time.
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yosemite national park a week before labor day kicks off. tell us what kind of danger are people facing inside the park now? >> you have 63 new acres, square miles burned alone. it's blowing up toward the north. i don't think we'll get a lot more burn today and tomorrow. you have to watch out. the strawberry festival has been cancell cancelled. it's a bluegrass festival. if you have plans, you want to watch these websites. there's the fire. here is the rim fire right through here. the valley down through here,
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here is 120. there's some fire along 120. this road is closed into the park. here is what i'm calling this ridge. this is all granite up here. i believe the fire will slow down. let me show you how much this has exploded in just five days. back you up to the boundary of the fire monday, right here. now we go to tuesday. wednesday, here and last night 63 square miles of forest burned right there on the west of yo yosemite. this part right through here is burning. all visitors, everybody you talk about goes down to half dome. that dome is down here. let me show you how the smoke is going. this will tell you how the wind is blowing and which way the
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fire is going to. the fire is going that way. when you he the wind blowing across the fire this is the advancing fire line here. 94% of yosemite is wild land. only 6% people visit. what we think of is a very small part of the park. >> it's a beautiful place. i've been there a couple of times. is there any chance by labor day weekend they could close sections of this because of the fire? >> we're only 2% contained the fire line miles around. if only 2% is contained, if we begin to get a win out of the west or the northwest blowing into that area here where people to visit then there could be a lot more going on.
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>> going to be watch iing. >> keep a close eye on that fire. thank you. the san diego play your caught up in a sexual harassment scandal. he's expected to step down today. our affiliate, kfmb got these pictures of bob filner leaving his office by a rear gate. his resignation depends on whether or not the city council approves a mediation agreement. the council will meet in a couple howevers. casey is watching the developments. tell us what's been going on today. is the meeting behind closed doors and when do we expect he'll step down? >> reporter: the meeting is going to take place behind closed doors sometimes after 1:00 local time, 4:00 eastern time. before they go behind closed doors there will be a period of public comment. they will consider this mediated
10:20 am
negotiated settlement that was reached on wednesday night that will let the mayor step down. the city council will have to concern itself with what is the impact going to been san diego taxpayers. there's been some concern that the city council will be asked to approve some sort of a financing. there's been a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by his former spokeswoman. gloria alred says she wants no taxpayer money going toward the settlement. one of the city council involved said just yesterday that throughout this meduation process he's been trying to reach the best deal for san diego taxpayers while at the same time trying to end this horrible period of dysfunction. >> do we have any idea what's inside the settlement, this
10:21 am
agreement here on both sides. what are they offering the mayor to step down? >> we can't say at this point because the federal judge who mediated those discussions asked all parties to keep details of the settlement private until the city council has a chance to consider it behind closed doors. so far they are adhering to that request. we do have some more details question provide you as to what's been going on the last couple of days behind closed doors at city hall. a high ranking city hall employee saying the mayor had an awkward staff meeting on wednesday where he did not apologize for letting the employees down. we're now anticipating that mayor filner will be here today an may even speak. >> do we have any idea whether or not the settlement would cover women who come forward
10:22 am
outside the group of 18. if there's any others who would present the same complaint? >> we don't know that. we know 18 women have come forward publicly. only within has filed a lawsuit. we just don't flow. we know the sheriff's department has a hot line for alleged victims to report what's happened to them and their experiences. that continues to be open. also we should point out that the recall effort against mayor filner, the effort to try to get him out of office, they're continuing to gather signatures. they hay say they will continue to do so until mayor filner steps down and a new election is called. >> thanks. we'll be watching closely there afternoon. a department of homeland security employee is doing a bit of side work. he's running a hate website for a coming race war. that's up next. at are you guys ? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies.
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an anti-hate group is
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leasing disturbing details about an employee ate the homeland security. it claims there worker spends his time preparing for race war. what has the department been doing about this. joe, tell us about who this guy is and how they're dealing with this. >> reporter: he's 39 years old and a senior contract specialists with dhs, department of homeland security. he works in immigration and customs. his job is to encourage small businesses to bid for contracts from the federal government but his moonlighting is attracting attention. they say he's the individual known on the internet as the irritated genie. he's seen on video saying race war is imminent and bashing gays and ethnic cleansing.
10:27 am
i.c.e. said they do not condone any hateful rhetoric or advocacy of violence of any kind. accusations of misconduct are investigated thoroughly and appropriate action taken. that's what the government is saying. >> is there anything he's doing illegal? how do we understand whether or not any of this, can he still be an employee with the government while doing this kind of activity? >> reporter: first, it's pretty clear the government is looking into this. we tried to reach him at his office. he might be off. however, we didn't have any indication he's been suspended
10:28 am
or put on leave. we believe the government is looking into this. a source told us it will take a few days to figure out. >> thank you joe. president obama sitting down with cnn and getting real about congress. you'll want to hear this, up next. [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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president obama says some republicans see the budget battle as their last chance to get rid of obama care. the president says he gets frustrated by the partisan battles and the gridlock in washington. here is more with his one-on-one interview. >> when they get back in session, do you believe you know the way to get things done for the american people so we don't have another shutdown of government which will punishes everybody else except the lawmakers? >> there's a simple way to do it. senate passed budget and the house passed a budget. maybe you're not old enough to remember schoolhouse rock. >> i remember. >> remember how the bill gets passed when the house and senate work out the difference. they pass it and send it to me and i sign it.
10:32 am
this is not that complicated. congress doesn't have a whole lot of core responsibilities. one is passing a budget, which they have not done. the other is to pay the bills they have already accrued. if congress simply does those two things when they get back, then the economy can continue to recover and folks out there who are working hard and trying to find a job will have some sense of stability and we can start thinking about things like college education and some of the big structure changes that we have to continue to make to ensure we're competitive. >> how much of the lack of action in washington do you put on yourself in terms of blame in. >> ultimately the buck stops with me. any time we are not moving forward on things that should be simple, i get frustrated. i've said before and i continue to say, i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get
10:33 am
congress and republicans in congress to think less about politics and think more about what's good for the country. finally what we've got is republicans talking about the idea they would shut down the government, bad for the economy, bad for not just people who work for the government but also contractors and defense folks, everybody who is impacted by the services that they receive from the federal government, we should shut that down because republicans after taken 40 votes to get rid of obama care see this as their last gasp. nobody thinks that's good for the middle class. i've made this argument to my republican friends privately and sometimes they say to me privately, i agree with you, but i'm worried about a primary from somebody in the tea party back in my district or i'm worried
10:34 am
about what rush limbaugh will say about me on the radio. you got to understand it's really difficult. i can't force these folks to do what's right for the american people. what i sure can do is stay focused on what i know will be good for the american people. first, she makes headlines for talking a gunman into surrendering and thn she gets call from the president. her story, up next. ahhh let's leave the deals to oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! save up to 30% plus an extra 12% off with coupon... now until labor day. only at i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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breaking news now, a military jury has reached a verdict. this is in the case of major hasan. he's the army psychiatrist charged with 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. this is in the november 5th,
10:38 am
2009 shooting rampage that occurred in ft. hood. they have reached a verdict. prosecutors say he targeted soldiers deployed to afghanistan because he had a jihad duty to kill as many of them as possible. hasan admits to the shootings but under military law they're not allowed to plead guilty in death penalty cases. the military jury has reached a verdict in this case. i understand we had, ed. are you with us? >> reporter: we just emerged from the courtroom. the jury here has found nadal hasan guilty on every count.
10:39 am
the maximum charges of 13 premeditated murder charges as well as 32 premeditated attempted murder charges. more importantly, this now means that hasan now qualifies because of those murder convictions that he is qualified for the death penalty. this now begins the second phase of this trial. i understand that they will reconvene on monday to begin putting on that testimony as the same jury will decide if nadal hasan will been sentenced to death. it's been clear to everyone that what he wants and his own attorneys said he was working the prosecution in this case to ensure that he get the death penalty. just a short while ago that he felt that jihad duty to carry out and hurt as many soldiers as possible and that's why he carried out this massacre.
10:40 am
it will be interesting to see what he does now. he's not really helped out his case in my kind of way. we understand that prosecutors they plan to call one family member from each of the victims that was killed in the massacre to testify in the punishment phase. the headline here is he's found guilty of 13 premeditated murder charges as well as be 2 premeditated attempt murder charges. >> take us inside of courtroom. who was present at this moment and tell us was he there? was there reaction? who was inside when this news came down? >> reporter: i watched it from a satellite courtroom that's been set up for news media to watch. we have one of our cnn producers inside the courtroom. they're still kind of locked down over there. that's probably about 300 yards from where we are. we'll get that as quickly as possible. we do know there are several
10:41 am
family members which for victims and survivors inside that courtroom. it's been difficult for many of them. during the closing arguments that prosecutors put on, they played a video tape that fbi investigators had taken from inside the room where the massacre occurred and it's a r gory, difficult video to look at. you can imagine the level of emotion and intensity this case brings out for them. before they read the verdict the jury instructed -- the judge instructed everyone to remain calm and there could be no out bursts. everything sounded quietly. you know the intensity of this moment weighed heavily on a lot of people inside that courtroom. >> we want to welcome our viewers around the world. ed, i want you to give a recall
10:42 am
of what you know, what you have learned. i also want to follow up with some of the victims families. he wants to be put to death. do the families feel the same way? >> reporter: it's been difficult to speak with family members and anyone who testified throughout the course of the trial. the judge in this case instructed everyone who testified that they were not allowed to speak with the news media while these deliberations were not going on. we did get the chance to talk with some of the survivors before the trial started. i think a lot of people would very much welcome the death penalty in this case. there are some who are trying to move on an not focus on that and say we will accept whatever punishment is handed down by this jury. you can imagine with the number of victims and the number of people impacted by all of this.
10:43 am
there's a wider range but they want to see hasan punished. i think a lot of people are comfortable with whatever the jury hands down in this case. >> ed, stay with us. we also have on the phone, eugene fidel. i want you to weigh in here, if you will. how likely is it that he would get the death penalty? this is something he's opinion asking for an he's found guilty on all charges. >> it's not unlikely that he's going to get his wish. there's no way to the place any confidence limits on that. he has to be considered a really viable candidate not only for a death sentence but to have the sentence carried out. there's been quite a number of death sentences in the military justice system over the last number of decades but there
10:44 am
hasn't been an execution in over 50 years. he might be the next. s s >> does it make any difference this is an individual who wants to be put to death. if he thought this, do you think this outcome would be different? >> i don't. i think he wishes have little to do with this. the jury has to be unanimous, but you can have a hold out. people say it's worth sentence somebody to life in prison without parole than to execute them. it's very hard to handicap what happens next. >> tell us how this procedure, how this process has been different, this military jury and how they handled this case? how is it different than civilian law? >> for one thing, you have a jury isn't selected at random.
10:45 am
they have been sleked by the convening authorities. you have a judge who is a military officer. judges have short terms of office of a few years unlike federal judges who serve for life. that's a significant difference or state judges who serve for rather long periods of time. the rules of evidence are similar to what is in civilian trial. it's not the frame work of which it's been tried. i think this is about the speech that dr. hasan plans to give when his opportunity comes in the next phase of the case.
10:46 am
>> thank you. we're going follow this up. we'll take a quick break. again, this is major hasan found guilty of all charges and would possibly face the death penalty for that massacre that occurred out of ft. hood, texas. we'll be right back. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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10:49 am
this is in the case of major nadal hasan. this is the army psychiatrist who was charged with 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempt eed murder. this was in the 2009 shooting at ft. hood. you have a little bit of color of what it's like inside there. >> reporter: our producer at cnn just emerged from the courtroom and described a bit of the scene that we weren't able to see. he said when the verdict was read hasan was stoic and looked at the soldier reading the verdict and stroking his beard. he looked over at family members. many of the exact same family members throughout the trial. several of them were crying and hugging each other and everyone
10:50 am
looked satisfied with the verdict. you can imagine how difficult this has been especially through much of the testimony which has been very difficult, very graphic and painful to listen to for those folks. >> what happens next? do we expect to ugsz. >> either side the prosecution or the defense? >> well, so far the way the judge has worked here over the course of the last three weeks, she has not allowed any family members or anyone who has testified to make any kind of public comments about the case or i should say the people who have testified not to make any public comments about this case while the trial has been going on. i suspect that that will continue now that the verdict has been handed down and we move in the sentencing phase of this, and that those rules will remain in place. but we do know that there have been either family members of the victims or survivors who have been wanting to make comments. one of the tensions underlying all of this is the lawsuit and
10:51 am
fight over military benefits that many of these survivors are engaged in with the army at this point. while all of this is going on, that's been one of the underlying issues percolating under all this story. but right now they're focused on this verdict, the guilty verdict that has come down for nidal hasan after he basically spent three weeks not putting up any kind of fight against prosecutors who laid out gruesome and very convincing testimony. it was nidal hasan from the get-go who admitted from the beginning he was the shooted in this case. >> the next drama whether he will be put to death because of this. we want you to hang on if you will. we're going to take a quick break, have more details on the other side. thanks. ve got a nice long life . big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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fidelity-managed 529. suzanne? >> thanks, christine. that's it for me. breanna keeler takes it from here including the latest on the breaking news, hasan found guilty. we'll have more after the break. [ man ] look how beautiful it is. ♪ honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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11:00 am
soldiers back in 2009. frankly it's the verdict that hasan wanted. cnn's ed lavendara just left the courtroom. >> reporter: it was an intense scene for the family members inside that courtroom as this verdict was read. in many ways it's a verdict that everyone knew was coming but nonetheless still very difficult for the family members who have had to endure the pain of almost the last three weeks of listening to the testimony. and i think even more difficult yesterday during the closing arguments that prosecutors put on watching the videotape from inside the room where the massacre occurred and everything that was left behind and the blood-stained floors and just that difficult scene in there was very difficult for those family members who have been sitting inside that courtroom for so long. nidal hasan simply stared at the soldier that read the verdict, had no reaction just sat there stoically stroking his beard. and that was about all of the ac